Holts Landing State Park

The property that is now Holts Landing State Park has a long recorded history as a small family farm. The Holt family maintained a farm with a bayshore boat landing on this site until 1957, when the property was sold to the state highway department. Then, in 1965, the first parcel of land was transferred to the State Park Commission, forming Holts Landing State Park.
Vehicles may be driven onto the beach in designated areas only, for the sole purpose of actively engaging in fishing. A surf fishing vehicle tag is required to use these areas.
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Holts Landing State Park is home to the only pier on Delaware’s Inland Bays that was built specifically for crabbing.The sturdy pier opened in 2001 and overhangs the shallow bay waters, allowing crabbers and anglers alike to fish for blue crabs and other mid-Atlantic delicacies. The pier is open daily from 8 a.m. until sunset.

Today, the Delaware Division of Parks and Recreation provides a surprising variety of recreation pursuits at this small bayside park. Picnicking is one of the more popular activities. Picnic tables and grills are located under shade trees throughout the park, and the large grassy lawns overlooking the bay invite visitors to spread out a picnic blanket. A picnic pavilion with a barbeque grill can be reserved for family reunions, corporate parties, and other group events. A recreation equipment bag with horseshoes, soccer balls, flying discs and more are available for rental.

Throughout the year, visitors can enjoy the park’s peaceful surroundings with a quiet stroll along the shoreline or through the fields. Many large birds, such as hawks, herons, and osprey frequent the area, and songbirds make their home among the forest trees and shrubs. Careful hikers may spot a deer, raccoon, possum, muskrat, or fox, or see animal footprints in the sandy soil. Several old borrow pits used by the highway department have evolved into small ponds hidden in the woods, creating a valuable freshwater habitat for native flora and fauna. A well-kept secret, Holts Landing harbors many pleasant surprises.